Dec.08 Block Stepper Archive

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M01. Dolla bilz - Dream
M02. inception - Sk-One
M03. Take Off V.I.P - Faze Miyake
M04. Pu$$y Rez - PIPI
M05. EOW feat. Foreign Beggars & Virus Syndicate - EOW
M06. Makai Shuffle - Yuuyu Aensland
M07. Home To You (Watapachi Remix) - Stalley
M08. First Time - Marvirick
M09. FIGHT FOR YOUR RIGHT -FUCK YOU- - Smokin' In The Boys Room
M10. Hypnagogia - Coleco
M11. Flashback - Kan Takahiko
M12. Fall Out - The Others And Emalkay
M13. Separation - Hizzleguy
M14. Vigor - Taiki & Nulight
M15. Stay - Document One
M16. Kick It ft. Zomboy - SKisM
M17. Go!!! - Pa's Lam System
M18. Bass14 - Seimei and Taimei
M19. sign (faze rock remix) - Ray
M20. OD (Mayhem Remix) - Demo
M21. Like The Dance Floor (JWLS Remix) - A-Trak & Zinc feat. Natalie Storm
M22. Śĕrāp_îm (KAN TAKAHIKO Remix) - fazerock
M23. あの星にのせて - fazerock ft reddam